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Setting the trigger

A trigger is the starting point of your strategy. A trigger can be based on an event or based on time or a combination of both.

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The following events can be used to enroll customers in the strategy:

  1. Adds an item to the cart
  1. Begins Checkout
  1. Places an order
  1. Views a Product
  1. Searches for a Product
  1. Signs up - Will be present for all the segments selected except for New Customers.
  1. Updates Checkout

After they perform the specific event and the strategy is live, they get enrolled.

You can choose the date range for which you wish to run this strategy. You can also choose the time during which this event should be captured. You also have the flexibility to choose a combination of days on which this event should be captured. If you wish to run for 24 hours and all days of the week, you need to turn the toggle button.

Within a trigger, you can create multiple groups of conditions and add conditions within a group.

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Click on Save once you are with the trigger configuration.

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You can create a trigger just based on the date and time. For. ex if you wish to run a New year campaign and reach out to your customers, you can create a trigger based on the date and then reach out.

For this, choose No event from the list and configure the date and time. In this case, you can’t add a group of conditions.

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