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👉 WhatsApp has been added as a communication channel available to all Qubriux customers.

👉 You can reach out to your target customer segment via whatsApp messages for simple reminders, thank you messages or even sending out AI generated hyper-personalized offers.

Connecting your WhatsApp Business account with Qubriux
  • Click on “WhatsApp” button in the left pane
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• Click on “Link WhatsApp Business Account” button on the top right of the page.

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• A dialogue box for 360dialog partner account setup will open. Please continue the account setup and add your WhatsApp Business account.

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• Authorise Qubriux to use your WhatsApp business account for sending automated messages.

Send offers through WhatsApp

👉 It is very easy to send out offers via WhatsApp channel.

  • After completing rest of the steps for offer creation(refer here), select WhatsApp as the channel
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• Select the target segment

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• Dispatch instantly or select to schedule

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• Select the schedule date and time and Schedule

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How to send WhatsApp in a campaign?

👉 While creating a campaign, a WhatsApp node can be added in the flow now. Select the + button to get a list of nodes and select “Send WhatsApp” Node

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👉 Select the WhatsApp message that you want to send.

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👉 Press “Save”. The node is added and a personalized WhatsApp communication will be sent out to the customers when they reach this node.

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In case of any queries, please reach out to

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