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Getting started

πŸ‘‰ Qubriux allows you to create and manage offers that convert much better than generic discounts. You can leverage its smart personalization feature to maximize your sales while ensuring your profits are optimal!

πŸ‘‰ To get started, click on the Offers tab on the left. You will see a list of offers along with the following details:

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  1. Offer name - Unique identifier of the offer
  1. Channel - Channel of communication used to reach out to customers for this offer
  1. Segments Targeted - The names of targeted segments
  1. Status of the offer - An offer can be in Sent, Scheduled, or Draft status.
  1. Actions - You can edit and clone an offer.

πŸ‘‰ Qubriux gives you preset offers which can be used for reaching out to your customers instantly. Alternatively, you can create your own offers by clicking on the Create New Offer button on the top right.

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Once you click on Create new offer button you land on the offer creation page.

✨ On the right-hand side, you can create different types of offers Percentage off, Amount Off, Free Shipping, and Buy X Get Y, and as you keep changing and creating the offer on the left-hand side you can see the summary of the offer that you are creating. This allows you to see what you are offering and if you want to change something then you can change it and that will reflect in the summary.

✨ You can also create your own Coupon code which your customers can use to avail the offer. This is an optional thing and if you do not enter any coupon code then we will generate a random code for this offer.

Offers Home Page

πŸ‘‹Offers home page lists down the offers that are present in the system. They can be preset offers (provided by GreyFox for quick use) and your own created. You can search for any offer by using the Search Bar on the top. To navigate through the offers, you can filter the list by applying the desired filter.

You can filter by:

  1. Channel
  1. Status
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You can also sort the offer list based on their names in alphabetical order

πŸ‘‹ Status of an offer:

  1. An offer is in Draft status when it is being configured and hasn’t been sent or scheduled
  1. An offer is in Scheduled status when it has been configured and chosen to be sent on a particular day. You can see the date on which it will be sent just alongside the status
  1. An offer is in Sent status when it has been configured and sent. It could either be sent instantly or those in Scheduled can move to Sent based on the configured day
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