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Introduction to Segments

👉 Segments allow you to classify your customers into meaningful aggregation. Based on similar characteristics and behavior, you can club customers together and engage them in an efficient manner.

The segments option can be found under the ‘My Customers’ section.

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Here, by default, you will see a list of all the segments and you can search by typing segment name.

If you wish to focus on a specific category of segments, you can do so by selecting the tab which segments you want to see like ‘Preset’ or 'Custom'

For every segment you can see

  1. Total Revenue coming from all the current members of this segment
  1. The average order value of the current customers of this segment. This is calculated by Total revenue divided by Sum of the number of orders placed by each customer of this segment
  1. Customer count
  1. A graph which shows the last 6-month variation of customer count

Preset Segments

👉 Preset Segments are auto-created by Qubriux based on the behavior of your customers. We take into account the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary values of each customer to create these segments.

👉 You can see the rules by clicking on any segment. If you wish to tweak these rules, you can clone the rules and edit them as per your needs.

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Custom Segments

👉 Qubriux allows you to create your own segments and target them as per your needs. Clicking on ‘Create New Segment’ takes you to a screen where you can configure rules.

How to create Custom Segments

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