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Brief overview

🤝 Your customer engagement cannot be a one-way street. That is why Qubriux has powerful Survey and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities that turn your usual one-side conversations into a bi-directional engagement.

👉 Qubriux allows you to create a survey, send it and track the responses to make sense of how your store is being perceived by customers.


Survey List

👉Once a survey is sent to customers, it can be viewed in Survey List. Each Survey in Survey List has 4 data points associated with it:

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👉By default, you will be displayed all the email templates. Alternately you can click on any category filter and view/search any specific template.

You can switch between grid and list view also. Grid view allows you to quickly see more templates and their content in the form of thumbnails at once.

👋 List view allows you to review the content of any chosen template in detail.

  1. Name of the Survey
  1. Type of the Survey. A Survey can be sent as Instant, Periodic (If you wish to check with your customers on a regular interval), and Order Delivered (Survey will be sent after order is delivered)
  1. Date of creation of Survey
  1. Status of the Survey. A Survey can be in Active or Ended. Ended means the Survey has been sent to the intended audience and won’t be sent further. Active means there is a recurrence set for this Survey and it will be sent again as per the configuration. You can also quickly toggle a survey on or off, update a survey’s schedule.

👋Clicking on individual Surveys in Survey List brings analytics associated with the Survey.

You can see:

  1. Average Sentiment Score - Based on the customer feedback, the NLP engine churns out how your store is being perceived and tells the average sentiment score along with Positive, Negative, and Neutral scores.
  1. Net Promoter Score - Give you a quick view of your Promoters, Passives, and Detractors
  1. Latest Feedback - You will see a snapshot of some of the most recent feedback from your customers.
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👉 Dashboard tells you about the perception of the store as a whole (Cumulative of All Surveys)

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👋 Net Promoter Score -

It tells about NPS and you can see the changes in the proportion of promoters, detractors, and passive respondents for the last 6 months.

👋 Feedback Analysis -

Using the power of NLP, feedback analysis allows Qubriux users to understand the sentiments and feedback of customers to engage with them proactively. This feature ensures that customer engagement is not a one-way street; closing the loop with actionable insights and quick responses to customer feedback through Survey Alerts widget on home.

This is a key powerful and differentiating feature of Qubriux. In this Feedback Analysis section, you can view customers’ perceptions and sentiments towards your brand or products, or services across a period of time.

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For every topic being discussed, you can see

  1. The number of people talking about it
  1. Sentiment associated with each Topic
  1. Sub-topic within a topic. For ex. Quality is the topic and within quality, people can be talking about Service specifically.
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